Happy New Year

Happy NEW YEAR!!!

A lot has happened to me in the last year, but I really don’t want to dwell on my health issues.  Instead I am going to look ahead and rejoice on how lucky I am.

I have a great family!!!  They are always supportive of me and my goals, as I am with them and their goals.

I have a great studio!!!  A bit small, but so very affordable.  It is a small building behind my house.  I believe when the main house was built in 1916, this was the carriage house or horse stable.  When we bought our home in 1987 this building was a dirt floor old 15″ thick adobe building.  Since then, we have put in concrete floors and added an insulated ceiling with drywall walls.  There is a window up high where I get lots of indirect natural light.  Perfect for flame working and painting.

I took last year off of teaching due to knee injuries (which are still giving me lots of issues…) but, this year, I have scheduled about 6 classes between February and August.  I hope you all can join me for some of these.

I will only be showing my work at one (maybe 2) shows.  The Tucson Art Glass and Bead Festival during the gem show in Tucson (in February), and possibly one other.   Other than that, I will be displaying my work on my website, facebook and on my etsy shop.

I look forward to 2015, with hopeful eyes and heart that this will be a grand year!  I hope yours will be as grand or better!

To start the year, I am going to challenge myself with a painting, sketch, drawing,… something 2-D whether it is on canvas, paper, or glass, no matter how big, or small.   Every day in January.  This challenge is through a facebook group called “30 paintings in 30 days”

Here is my first piece:  Color pencil on paper with a bit of water color.  (I will be posting all of my pieces on my blog..  or Facebook, or instagram or not.   I hope you enjoy)

(I actually did this piece a couple of days ago, but I am considering it #1 since this is the image that got me painting again)

day 1 feet



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