It’s Official!!

I just accepted a position at The Sonoran Glass School in Tucson, AZ. as the Director of The Flame-work Studio. First day today, getting my feet wet!  Counting inventory and clearing out scrap.  Tomorrow we eat cake!

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(first day)

me-smallThis is a big change for me.  One that I thought long and hard about.  I have not worked for anyone else for over 17 years.  Sonoran Glass School is different.  This school has it’s heart and soul in the right place.  Helping the community through the love of art.  Glass art to be exact.  We strive to build pride and honor in the souls of each person who glances our way.




3 thoughts on “It’s Official!!

  • Bronwen,
    I can’t imagine how fun that could be, with all the glass and equipment you’d better be able to create more incredible art than ever! I am envious…
    I love your new website and can’t wait for more photographs!
    I look forward to your visit in March!

    Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas!


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