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Turn Your Empty Bottles into Beautiful Gifts.
Cups, Votives and More
Bottles to Cups

Class Date:  Thurs. June 5, 2021 from 11 am – 1:30pm (MST)
(If you can’t make it, all of the videos will be available for you in the classroom)


Two Methods

My Back Yard

At the end of this class, you will earn a certificate of completion, the knowledge of cutting bottles in 2 different ways and lots of gifts and gift ideas for your friends and family.

Complete 5 courses and downloading 5 Certificates of Completion for a 15% discount on your 6th course.
(6th course price must be greater than 50.00  and maximum discount is 50.00) 

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      We will be exploring 2 different Methods.  One without the use of a torch, and one with.

    • Method One (no torch) Materials:
      • Empty - washed, dried and label removed wine bottles (or soda bottles)
    • Method One Tools:
      • Bottle Cutter (we will discuss 3 different ones).  My favorite one is the Emphrem bottle cutter.
      • Wet/Dry Sand Paper (80, 180,240,400)
      • 3M Diamond Sand Paper (400 grit)
      • optional: Flat Lap
    • Method Two Materials:
      • Empty - washed, dried bottle.  Label on
    • Method Two Tools:
      • Large pottery kiln 
      • Bottle Cutter (same as above)
      • Lazy Susan 
      • Small torch or Butane torch
      • larger torch 
      • Projects:
        • Cup 
        • Candle holder
          • Candle holder (from Goodwill)
          • Candles (tea lights, votive candles, taper candles)
        • Planter with auto waterer
          • Cotton clothes line
          • an un-used glass bead (maybe a few)
          • Plant
          • Potting soil
        • Wind Chime
          • wire
          • cork
          • a bead or other item for the clanger 
          • piece of thin scrap metal
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