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FREE – Cutting Boro Tubing like a PRO

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Cut Glass Tubing Like a Pro!

Learning how to score and cut borosilicate tubing of any size.. (ps, this also works with soft glass tubing and neon tubing)

image of boro tubing

Welcome to Bronwen Heilman’s Glass Academy ‘s Free online workshop on how to cut borosilicate glass.

If you are new to this learning experience, I am here to guide you. 
Scroll down the page until you get to the first lesson named “Welcome”.
Click on that lesson.  Sit back and watch the video. When you are done, click “Complete” or “Next Lesson”.

These lessons can be watched and re-watched as many times as you wish.

Happy Glass Cutting!

12.7mm x 2.4mm Schott Boro Artistic Tubing
26mm x 4mm Schott Boro Artistic Tubing
50mm x 3.5mm Schott Boro Artistic Tubing
6mm (about 8" long) boro rod

Scoring tool (tungsten carbide blade)
Small JAWS scoring tool
glass saw with thin diamond wheel
Water (or spit)
Oxy/propane torch
Didymium glasses

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