Reverse Painted Bead

Reverse Enameling – Beads (Feb. 28)

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Reverse Enamel “Painting” On your Beads

The workshop is on Feb. 28 and March. 7 from 10:00am (MST) till we are done.  (long day on Feb. 28).

This workshop consists of over 30 pre-recorded videos.  We watch them together live on Zoom, and we work together during the day so that all of your questions may be answered in real time.

We also will have 2 extra Q/A sessions.  And I will be sending out some homework for you to do on Feb. 23.  It will be available for you to watch here in our classroom, on Feb. 23 (10:00 am MST) and on.  (This will not be on Zoom, but a video in our classroom)

Click on the “More Information” button above for more detailed information about the workshop.

If you have any questions, email me at

Hope to see you in Zoom Land!

-Bronwen Heilman

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Class Materials:

  • Painting Kit (From Bronwen) (Class may be purchased with or without kit.  If purchased with the kit, the kit is discounted)
  • Your favorite colors of COE 104 glass rods. 
  • Clear glass rods (COE 104)
  • Mineral Spirits
  • Glass Cleaner
  • Clove Oil (essential oil is fine)..small bottle
  • Lavender Oil (essential oil if fine)...small bottle



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