Welcome to the Borosilicate Straw Class

Please join the Private Facebook Group.  This is a great place to show off your work!  And to ask questions if you get stuck.  (You will get the link to join in the next lesson)

You can not skip to out-of-order lessons.  I have put together a set of lessons that builds on each other.  So (for example), you skip right to the Octopus, you will miss how to correctly add dots or lay down stringer and your Octopus straws may start cracking. We want to avoid this issue, so please be patient, and follow along.

I highly recommend making each style before stretching your imagination to other designs.  

If you purchased this course, but forgot to get the materials kit, that is OK.  I have more, just order it on my website (click here) and at check out use code “Student1aStraw” for a 15% discount on the kit at check out.


I can’t wait to see your wonderful creations.  Please share in our FaceBook group.

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