Materials I Am Using In This Chapter:

2mm clear
6mm clear 
8mm clear
10mm clear
chunk of goldstone
Pea green
Medium Yellow
Medium Red
Ink Blue
Medium Transparent Amber
Pink fillagrana
Aqua fillagrana

Tools I Am Using In This Chapter:

2 – 1/8″ punties.  One side ground to a point
Table Graphite Marver
Hand Held Graphite Marver
Marble Mold of your choice
Fiberboard with a Divot
Tungsten Tweezers
Rod Warmer
Plus all of your regular flameworking tool

Note:  These are the materials and tools I used in the videos.  You may use any colors that you have… (less is more) and any tools that will work, (such as you don’t need a rod warmer you can use your kiln or even nothing.  And you don’t need the fiberboard with a divot you can use a hand-held graphite marble mold.) 

Use what you have.  (you do need glass and a marble mold 😁)

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