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Below is a list of the materials and tools I use in these lessons.   If you do not have the exact color choices I made, that is OK.  Use what you have, or purchase from me with code ‘ Student1aStraw‘ for 15% off of the Straw Class Materials Package (Click here). 

Also, a downloadable PDF is below.  This is a great tool to help you along the way, and is also great to write notes on!

PS:  If you get an error at anytime while watching, log out, and then log back in.  (working on that issue)

(All of the materials are Borosilicate: COE 33)

  • 3/16 x 6″ long – graphite rod.
  • 9.5 x 2mm clear tubing
  • 8mm clear rod
  • 6mm clear rod
  • 4mm clear rod
  • Star White (Any Brand)
  • Black (Any Brand)
  • Blue Blizzard (TAG)
  • Caramel (NorthStar)
  • Blue Moonshine (Boro Batch)
  • Sour Puss (Boro Batch)
  • Purple Luster (Glass Alchemy)
  • Large Clear Frit (NorthStar)



  • Metal Ruler
  • Sharpie (not red or metallics)
  • Scoring tool (my favorite is the small ‘JAWS’ brand.  But lots of others are out there, or are being developed after I made this class.  So check out what works best for you)
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Gravy boat
  • small knife (or other shaping tool)

Please note:  Any colors from any manufacturer may be used, as long as they are in the COE 33 family)

download the straws.pdf below

Click here to download if you are on a mobile device


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