Materials and Supplies you will need

Specialty ToolsAmazon Link
Pallet Knife
8” hemostat (forcep)
Wipeout tool
Pen and Pen nib
#4/0 round brush
#2 flat or bright brush
Brass Calipers
Color wheel
Dust mask
Latex, Vinyl or nitrile gloves
Paper towels
Parchment paper
Box tape
Small cup for mineral spirits
White paper

Your favorite colors of glass rods

Clear rods of glass

Mineral spirit
Ace hardware (100% mineral spirits)
Glass cleaner

Clove oil

Lavender Oil
All of your favorite flame working tools

Bead release

Mandrels. (nothing smaller than 3/32)


Oxy, Propane



(Note:  your kiln will need to go up to 1300 deg. F for the painting portion). Most bead kilns will do this.
Good ventilation

If I forgot something, I will send you a message to your email address that you signed up with.

Thank you very much for joining in my first online painting class.  It will be exciting, and we all will be learning so much!

Much love to all of you

-Bronwen Heilman
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