Building Courage

She is on a road trip.  If you are interested, please message me at: with Building Courage inquiry in the subject.

She is building her courage within.

Flame worked glass bead, dichroic glass with original vitreous enamel image and sterling silver riveted end caps (with the sterling silver core all the way through).


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Building Courgae is a flame worked glass bead.

She is 3.25″ long x 7/8″ in her widest area.

This bead has 2 sterling silver end caps riveted on by hand.

She has had 5 separate firings before being worked at the torch.

She is properly annealed.  From Flame to Kiln.

This piece is an original reverse painting under a layer of clear.   The base bead has multiple strips of different pink dichroic colors,  giving the illusion of a reaching for the stars.  With lots of sparkle.

This is Effetre glass and vitreous enamels.

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