Fused square dichroic glass earrings


Beautiful Sparkly Fused Dichroic Glass Jewelry.  These Earrings have 23 Kt gold on the edges.

These earrings are made using a technique called fusing.  My process has 3 fusing cycles.

Each bead is hand cut and ground to shape.  once this is to my liking, I fuse the glass to smooth out the edges.  I then drill a hole in the center of the beads and add the black backing.  This is fused in again.  And finally, I add the 23Kt. fired on bezel of gold on the edges.   This creates such a beautiful effect!

I line the hole of each bead with a sterling silver tube rivet.

This piece is hung with one of my A-Frame style ear wires.

These earrings are fully annealed.  (3 times!!!)

The ear wire drops (from the top of the loop, to the center of the bead) is approximately 1 3/8″

The beads size is approximately  1″ x 1 1/8″.

These earrings are extremely light.  You will forget you are even wearing them, except for all of the glowing compliments you will receive!


Rainbow Dichroic #1, Rainbow Dichroic #2, Rainbow Dichroic #3, Rainbow Dichroic #4

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Fused dichro square earringsFused square dichroic glass earrings