High Temp – Hollow Bead Holder

This High Temp. Hollow Bead holder will hold beads that are round, long or lots of other shapes.

I make each one myself in my studio.

measures: 8.5″ long, x 3″ wide.  Can open to approx. 4″ so that larger vessels can also be held by this tool. (very versital)

The material used on the loops is a very high temperature sleeve.  It can withstand 2500°F (1375°C) continuous, and up to 2800°F (1550°C) short term.   (remember, our torches flame temperature is at about 5500°F, so caution is recommonded)



Availability: Only 1 left in stock (can be backordered)

Shipping will be USPS first class, unless you order 3 or more.  then I will move shipping to priority mail, and charge you the difference prior to shipping.

Note:  the heat material is pink when new, but turns white during use.  This is normal.😁

International shipping.  I will send you a quote for International First Class Mail.  (unless you get that option).  The price is approx. 20.00 to ship it. I will check it prior to shipping and get your approval.

Weight 6 oz

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