Recycled Bicycle Inner Tube and Glass Nest Necklace


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Recycled Bicycle Inner Tube and Glass Nest Necklace

Are you looking for a necklace that you can’t find at a box store? Well look no further because this repurposed / upcycled rubber and glass necklace will do the bring life to any party! This piece is a handmade masterpiece. The glass beads are hand blown at a propane and oxygen torch.  WHAT???  Yes, these are hand made at the torch, as well as the glass is recycled bottle glass.   Where do you get orange glass? you might be asking.   Well, I hand color each piece using many different pigments to create the color and texture on each bead.  One at a time.   And the rubber? The rubber is also helping the world, by keeping rubber out of the landfill.  I am using bicycle inner tubes.  Hand painting each one to get the exact colors I am looking for.

Perfect with Jeans, or a little black dress.
Fully annealed.
The cord is rubber. And the length is approx. 25″
Fits over your head, so no clasp to mess around with.

Weight 5 oz
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