Recycled Glass Earrings – White – Dalí Series


With a tint of Blue or Green.  (depending on the bottle used)

These  earrings are made from recycled bottle glass.

I call these Dali earrings, because of the inspiration of Salvador Dali’s melting clocks.   I love the beautiful organic shape of each set.

Each piece is handcrafted and has character of its own.

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These earrings are made from recycled bottle glass.

I first collect old discarded bottles from restaurants and bars.  I wash the bottles and remove the labels.  I then cut the bottles by removing the necks and the bottoms, then finally cutting the bottles into useable pieces.   At this point, I wash the pieces once again, and flame work the glass into the work you see here.

The color of these earrings are enhanced by using a fired-on pigment.

Each piece has character of its own,  imperfections are a natural part of using this unique form of glass, and the shapes are all hand created.

Each earring is lined with sterling silver and a black rubber accent.  The ear wires are also handmade by me, and are super comfortable to wear.  They also have a hook in the back, so that it minimizes losing them.

These earrings are fully annealed.

The ear wire drops (from the top of the loop, to the center of the bead) 1 3/8″

The beads size is approximately 1″ in diameter.

These earrings are extremely light.  You will forget you are wearing them!

Weight 2 oz

Dark Red, Red, red Orange, Orange, Peach, Dark Yellow, Yellow, Chartreuse, Sea Foam, lt Blue, Blue, Royal Blue purply, Lavender, Orchid, Black, Slate Gray, White

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White DaliRecycled Glass Earrings – White – Dalí Series

Availability: In stock