Recycled Bottle Glass “Reflectors” with Repurposed Hardware


“Reflector” Series in Yellow

Recycled Bottle Glass ‘reflectors’.

What a statement piece!!

Sits at approx. 18″

Has a wire armature, so may be gently shaped to fit you perfectly.

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This necklace is made by flame working recycled bottle glass and adding a little enamel magic in order to create the color.

I collect old discarded bottles from restaurants, bars and the street.  I wash the bottles and remove the labels.  I then cut the bottles by removing the necks and the bottoms, then finally cutting the bottles into useable pieces.   At this point, I wash the pieces once again, and flame work the glass into the work you see here.

The color of the bubbles are enhanced by me, where I add color to the bottle glass.

Each ‘reflector’ is hand blown off mandrel using a steel rod.  Each ‘reflector’ has a character of its own,  imperfections are a natural part of using this unique form of glass, and the shapes are all hand created.

This nece piece is so unique.  The neck wire is rubber lined with wire, giving it a unique shape that stays in place, and the ‘reflectors’ are each hugged by repurposed rubber hardware.

All of the glass is fully annealed.

The longest cord on this piece is about 18″ long.

This piece is extremely light.  You will forget you are wearing it!

Weight 7 oz
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4 piece yellow reflector seriesRecycled Bottle Glass “Reflectors” with Repurposed Hardware

Availability: In stock