Straws Caps for 9.5 mm straws



This is for one order (of 2 caps)

These are vinyl caps that fit nicely onto the straws.  They are either in black or white vinyl.   No choice, you get what I have in stock.

The vinyl straw caps are washable, and reusable.  DO NOT THROW AWAY!!

  (I noticed when I use my straw at a restaurant, I didn’t know how to place this wet straw back into my purse.  Using the vinyl end cap, I can wipe down the out side of the straw with a napkin, and place the vinyl end cap onto each end of the straw, so that the liquid / wetness, will stay inside the straw, and not inside my purse) .  (bonus:  it also protects the ends of the straw)


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Help save the evnironment!!!  NO MORE PLASTIC STRAWS IN THE OCEAN!


Weight3 oz

Sagurao, Frog, Spirals, Dots, Makers Choice, Octopus

straw design, or other items

Bubble tea: 9.5-10" long, Design: Makers Choice, Cocktail: 5.5-6.5" long, Design: Makers Choice, Custom Length, message me with length needed and design, Frog Design: 7.5" long, Octopus Design: 8.5" long, Saguaro Design: 8.5" long, Sea Turtle design: 8.5" long, Standard length: 8.5" long, Design Makers Choice, protective caps (set of 2) – standard size straw, protective caps (set of 2) – Bubble tea size Straw, Cleaning Brush, Stylish Bag, Amber Maria 8.5" long

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straw capsStraws Caps for 9.5 mm straws

Availability: In stock