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Online class – Nov. 12 (4pm – 6:30pm MST)


Prerequisite: None, but lampworking skills are helpful.  

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Class Information:

Class starts at 4:00 PM (MST) and lasts for approximately 2-2.5 hours.

This class will meet in Zoom.

We will have a private FaceBook page to show off our work.

I will send you an invite to our Private FaceBook group after you sign up for the class.  (When you sign up for this class, you will need to send me a friend request via FaceBook, so that I can add you to our private Facebook Page. (my Facebook is BronwenHeilman)

I will send you a Zoom invite the week before class starts, and a reminder (via facebook in our group) the day before the class begins.

All of the videos will in our classroom on my website (glass academy).  When you sign up for the class, you will get directions on how to log into our classroom.  It will be on your receipt from me.  

I will also have office hours Monday Nov. 16 in Zoom from 5-5:30pm (MST) for anyone who may have questions.  You can also tag me in our private Facebook group with questions.  I will be checking in on the group for about a week.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I have had a few questions about this class, so I thought I would add them here:

Q: Do I have to use the fiber board?
A:  Yes.  This is a great tool to use and doesn’t get super hot.  You can purchase from me, or if you have one… yay!!!

Q:  Do I need a small torch?
A:  No.  I will be showing you 2 methods.  One with a torch and one without a torch.  

Q:  What Size of torch?
A:  I like using the Smith Little Torch and the Nortel Unitorch.  But, if you don’t have the Smith Little Torch, I will show you how to use a small butane torch.  And you can use Method One, instead of Method Two for finishing your piece (if you don’t have the Nortel Unitorch)

Q:  If I sign up for the class, but can’t make it.  Can I  watch it later?
A:  Yes.  All of the videos from the class will be in our Classroom on my website.  Along with downloadable PDF’s and photos of finished work.

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