Small Business Saturday: How did it get started?

Small Business Saturday.  Nov. 30, 2019

Where did Small Business Saturday come from?

Small business Saturday was an idea created by American Express on Nov. 27, 2010.  This day became an official day in 2011 when Washington State mayors, governors, senators and President Obama shared their support for small businesses.   YAY!!!

When we shop at local stores, almost 45% of each sale gets reinvested back into your community.  That same purchase amount when spent at big box stores, less than 13% goes back into the local economy.

This year, we should all step out of our comfort zone, and shop at small mom and pop shops.  Think about the small, brick and mortar shops and business’s are where our heart and souls are.  We should show our love to the coffee shop around the corner, the boutique clothing shop down the street, and the jewelry shop grandpa shopped at when he proposed.  

Shop Small Business Saturday tomorrow, Nov. 30, 2019

You can find my work in Tucson, Az at:  
Philabaum Glass Gallery
Desert Bloom Boutique
Southern Arizona Artist Guild 
and the  Sonoran Glass School.

For other states, please visit my website at, to check and see if I am in a store near you.

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