A stellar online class jam packed with information and support!

I was thrilled to be able to take Reverse painting on beads as an online class with Bronwen. This class has been on my wish list for years and Bronwen didn’t disappoint. The combination of live Zoom classes and the private facebook group with downloads and discussions was perfect for an online course. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 and being in a different country my supplies didn’t arrive in time for me to work along with the class but the opportunity to review the videos is invaluable and Bronwen has been incredible supportive. I was also sorry to have missed the live Q&A session due to work but happily was able to view the video recording shortly afterwards. Bronwen really went all out with a well rounded class utilizing all the online components available to not only present the course material in a clear and concise manner but to make me feel like a part of the group. I wouldn’t hesitate to sign up for other classes online or in person with Bronwen.

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