Painting Class 2020 (June)

Wow! What a wonderful class Bronwen gave us. A new format, online, using ZOOM technology! It was wonderful. The format gave all the participants a combined and visual format to chat and ask questions as well as watch Bronwen and her videos!

This class provides you with all the knowledge you need to proceed with the reversed enamel glass painting. For a small fee you will also receive enamels, glass, etc. to participate. Some items you will need must be purchased from Amazon or other art supply dealers.

Bronwen is an excellent and patient instructor. She has taken the time to provide brief videos on the separate parts of the techniques and then provides a question and answer session and time for you to work. She was easily approachable both during the class and online for any questions or concerns.

I would highly recommend this class to anyone interested in her enamel technique. The results are awesome.
Thanks Bronwen for a great class.

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