Reverse painting on glass

Recently, I was fortunate to participate in Bronwen’s Reverse Painting on Glass class. Having done this many years ago, the HOW TO was a bit different. It was the WHAT’S NEXT that blew me away!
Never before has a class occupied my imagination as much as this. Bronwen is prepared, organized & thorough. With Q& A sessions built in, plus being available via our FB group, questions were never left hanging. The videos were up & available for our review quickly & remain available for an extended time. The group responses on FB are like friends getting together & sharing similar experiences.
Life is busy, chaotic, is a better word. Keeping up, for me, was challenging at times. However, this class experience has given me a place to revisit & focus on being creative. As I paint more & experience more of the WHAT’S NEXT, I come away refreshed & less stressed. Glass has been a creative pastime 40+ years. I never expected it to continue to be this ever-changing & captivating.
I highly recommend Bronwen’s Reverse Painting on Glass.

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