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Creating the Perfect Borosilicate Straw – On-Demand Course

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Creating the PERFECT Borosilicate Straw - On-Demand - Course

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Borosilicate Straws

About This Course

Are you struggling with what size tubing to use for the standard glass drinking straw? Are you struggling with adding designs to your straws?  Is it overwhelming, frustrating, and leaves you with less than desirable results at the end of all your efforts?   I used to have the same results. 
In this course, you will learn how to make 5 different and fun designs onto glass straws.  And I will share my secrets on how to make the straws stay open, and the glass decorations fused well to the glass.
Having quality work to send to your customers and share with your family and friends, will promote a sense of durability and longevity that they will appreciate purchasing or using your handmade glass work.

What You Will Learn

This is a great combination of a project driven course and a technique driven course.  
You will learn how to make and use my special tool to help you create the perfect straw. You will learn how to cut the tubing with many different methods. And you will learn how to add 5 different designs to your straws.


Q: I have never made anything in glass before.  Is this the right course for me to start my glass journey with?
A:  I think this coulrse is best after you have taken a beginning flameworking class in either borosilicate glass or soda-lime (soft) glass.

Q: Are you available to help me if I have questions?
A:  Yep!, Just send me an email, or ask a question and TAG me in our private group.  I will answer you as quickly as I can

Q:  How long do I have access to this course?
A:  As long as you want.  Once you purchase this course, it is yours to watch whenever you want.

Q:  What tools do I need to take this course?
A:  You will need your basic flameworking tools, plus boro tubing, boro colors, and materials to make the special tool.  (I sell the materials on my website).  

Q:  What do I do if I am having problems accessing the course content?
A:  First, log out, then log back in.  You must log in under the same email that you used when you purchased the course.  If you can not remember your password, request for a new password.  (check your spam folder for an email from me if you can’t find it in your inbox).    If you are still having problems, email me.


What is Included in This Course

16 Videos

8 PDF’s

1 private Facebook Group

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Course Value:

This course is valued at 200.00 USD

You get the BEST seat in the class

You get to use your own torch, and your own kiln, your own tools and your own glass. 
What a great and comfortable space!
No travel!  (approx. 400.00 air travel)
You get to stay home, sleep in your own bed and work at your own pace. (approx. 200.00 savings)
No restrauant bills. (approx. 100.00)

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    Course: $200.00
    Travel: $400.00
    Hotel: $200.00
    Food: $100.00

Total Value for this course is 900.00

Course Price:

Valued at: $900.00

Your Special Price, is Only $87.00

If you need a supplies kit, get 15% off the tools and materials kit when purchasing them together.
At checkout use code “Student1aStraw”.

This Course is Amazing

You will get a full list of what I am using in this course in the Welcome lesson. You may also purchase the materials kit

  • Borosilicate Tubing
  • Borosilicate color rods
  • Borosilicate clear rods
  • Secret tool that we make in class
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