Hardened Fiber Board for Marbles

6″ x 2″ x .5″ pre-hardened and fiber board with divot.



Availability: In stock (can be backordered)

1/2″ fiber board prepared just for you with divot (now a hole)  and fiber hardener on all 6 sides

Great for Soft glass marbles.  (and Boro too!!)

Not sure how large a marble this will secure, but I have made marbles over 1.75 inches with out an issue.

Fiber Board for Marbles – Bronwen Heilman ©2020

Care instructions:

This Hardened fiber board with a divot will last years if properly used.
Do not break the hardened seal on the outside of the board.
If the seal gets broken, use a fiber hardener in the exposed area and fire the piece to approximately 1250 ℉ for an hour.

If the hardened outer “crust” gets broken, use a fiber hardener or ridigizer in the exposed area let dry overnight and then fire the piece to approximately 1250 ℉ for an hour.


    1. The marble may roll out if tipped at too steep of an angle.  Please use caution, your marble is hot!
    2. If you put the Fiber Board into the kiln, use caution on taking the board out of the kiln, for it will be hot.  (I use kevlar gloves).  No not use tweezers or pliers to lift the marble fiberboard out.  This will break the fiber “crust”

If you have any questions:  email me at bronwen@bronwenheilman.com

Thank you -Bronwen


Weight 5 oz

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