Squeegee Oil


Squeegee oil (1 oz)

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Squeegee oil

Originally used for screen printing, this mixture is medium body perfect for brush application.
This product is a pine oil derivative.   (smells like Pinesol , so if you are allergic to that paint smell, do not use this medium.)

Wear gloves when using this product.
Do not eat while using this product.
Do not have open liquids when using this product.  

This is a liquid, and if spilled will go all over the place.  Close the cap after each use.

Not a very volatile liquid.  That is, it does not evaporate quickly.  In my studio, it will stay ‘wet’ for days on an open surface on my table.

Best to use sparingly.  Easier to add more oil when needing to wet the enamel, then to dry it out if too much has been added.

Material and size:
1 oz. squeegee oil in a plastic bottle.



Weight 5 oz
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1 oz. bottle of squeegee oilSqueegee Oil

Availability: Only 4 left in stock