Wear What You Are Thinking pendant


One-of-a-Kind Hand made pendants
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These pieces are made with glass, fired-in enamel writing and stained glass foil technique around the edges with a sterling silver loop.  An extra metal jump ring is included with your pendant, so that you can string it up on your chain right away!

Wear your “Wear What You Are Thinking” pendant so you never have to say your thoughts out loud.

Each piece is one of a kind.  I will add more as I make them.

These are really great!  Because I very seldom actually say some of these.  So swapping them out for how I feel that day, is a wonderful relief off of my shoulders.

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions N/A
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A: Meh, B: F*ck, C: Sh..t, D: Whatever, E: ShineOn, F: F*ck, G: Whatever, H: F*ck 3

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